Professional Tips on How to Safely Visit a Gay Party

If you haven’t been to any gay-rave so far, we will tell you how to start hanging out and do everything right. How to prepare for a party, what to wear, and how to feel safe during and after the rave — read below.


Key Things to Do Before the Party

There are some issues that you always need to think about in advance. The first thing to do is to check the line-up, so you can answer the tricky questions during the face control. You may be asked, for example, who is playing today or how you found out that a party is taking place here. However, you can also visit chaturbate male online chatrooms and meet nice gays there.

Think in advance where to put your phone, keys, and money so that all this does not interfere with your pastime. The ideal solution is a banana bag. Instead of a wallet, it is better to take a certain amount of cash and a bank card.

The main thing is to come with the right mood. Getting drunk is not an option, there is no point in it because you will not remember anything. The whole thrill of a gay rave is that you remember all the feelings. To succeed, you need to focus on your goals and get what you want here and now.

There is usually no dress code at the raves. You’ll only see silhouettes of people dancing or talking. When choosing clothes, first of all, you need to think about the convenience.


How to Make Your Gay Rave Safe?

Inside the rave, all visitors are a big company. There is no aggression, because everyone came to relax, distract from the real world, routine, and vanity. This is a community where everyone knows each other. However, we still encourage you to take the following precaution measures:

  • There are always people who stimulate themselves with different substances. In fact, a single atmosphere and music are enough to get relaxed. You need to come with a certain understanding of what you want to get from the party.
  • Even though gay-parties involve sex without condoms, we still recommend taking condoms with you. Do not think that if you put on a condom, they will look at you as a black sheep. This is the matter of your health, so do not neglect it.
  • Gay parties are safe places to visit, however, like any popular destination, there are occasional incidents when visitors are robbed. Keep track of your drinks in bars and clubs, do not leave them unattended. GHB added to your drink can leave you vulnerable and manageable.
  • Do not forget to tell anybody where you are going. If you want to feel completely safe — make sure that there is somebody who will check you in the morning or pick you up at the exit.

Now you know how to safely visit gay parties. Take the above tips seriously and feel free to visit any type of raves. Enjoy!

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