What Are the Best Party Rooms According to Experienced Visitors

Most of the trendy, private clubs have become available to everyone. Therefore, many LGBT parties began to change their locations. Experienced party-visitors do not want to hang out with people who do not share their tastes. Some of them do not want to let outsiders in, that is why they move to party rooms, where they can come only by invitation or after passing a strict face-control. What are the best party rooms according to experienced visitors? Let’s find out.


1) Berghain

Berghain is considered one of the best and coolest LGBT-friendly nightclubs in the world. There are even legends in every Chicago pnp zoom room and alternatives about how difficult to get into it. Being previously a popular location for gays in Berlin, it has transformed into a place, where everyone is welcome. Those who managed to pass the strict face control will have three dance floors where techno and house music. At the zero levels, the club has a Lab.Oratory with BDSM and fetish parties: only men are allowed there.


2) Dalston superstore

This is a pearl of London’s nightlife for the LGBTQ+ community with cool parties from Wednesdays till Sundays. Visitors especially recommend coming on Wednesdays’ Uncontrollable Urge with pornstar guests and watch the live performance of the big gay mobile strip club.


3) KitKat Club

If you are looking for something special, the gay’s Revolver Party at KitKat in Berlin is for you! Every participant leaves his/her clothes at the entrance and finds oneself in the world of sexual freedom. On those who are watching no pressure is made, so no one is obliged to involve in the orgy.


4) XXL London

This London’s party room occupied its niche with its gay nights. The visitors of XXL room have the relevant impressive proportions. Themed raves provide a big variety of ways to show their enormous physical traits. The XXL raves will further take place in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Birmingham.


5) Twin Peaks Bar

This place is often referred to as a gay bar, however, everyone is welcome here. Twin Peaks is located in San Francisco and has the best view of the Castro historical district. The building has large windows, so the gays or strangers passing by can see what is going on inside.


Other Locations to Visit

Except visiting the world-known party rooms for gays, it is also worth attending the LGBT Movement Monument in New York to pay tribute to those rebels that started the riot in response to endless humiliating and violent police raids in 1969.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to Sitges — the main gay resort in the world today. The most notable events are the gay pride in July of up to 60 thousand participants, the grandiose gay-friendly La Leche party, held once a year, and the Bear Week, which attracts tens of thousands of representatives of the gay subculture — large, bearded and hairy men, indifferent to fashion and trends.

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