The 5 Most Unbelievable Gay Party Stories

Nowadays, gay parties have become regular events in Europe. Among their participants, one could find not only ordinary people but also celebrities and politicians. Today, we invite you to read these unbelievable stories that happened at gay parties.


A homophobic politician that turned out to be a gay

On November 29, 2020, residents of a house in the center of Brussels complained to the police about loud noise. Having arrived there, the police found that a closed sex party of about 20 men was held there. One of the party participants tried to escape unusually — through a drainpipe. It was 59-year-old Jozsef Sayer — a member of the European Parliament from the Hungarian ruling conservative party FIDES and a confidant person of the Prime Minister Viktor Orban. After the incident, Sayer made a statement in which he apologized for participating in an illegal party: “I deeply regret that I violated the quarantine rules. It was irresponsible, and I will pay a fine for it,” the politician promised.


It’s time to slide!

The well-known in the MeWe pnp room listings German gay club Berghain is one of the main locations of Berlin’s nightlife. Before the orgy starts, there is a nice warm-up called “The slide time.” Everyone in the club takes off their pants and starts masturbating on the dance floor. The participants need to ejaculate there so that the surface becomes slippy. Then naked men in erotic costumes start to slide over it! Isn’t it crazy?


Historical place

Recently, the Atlanta Eagle Gay Bar has obtained a “Historical place” status. This is the first LGBT tourist attraction in the US Far South. Such legendary drag performers as Ru Paul and Lady Bunny, who promote LGBT equality, performed here. Meanwhile, the City Council of Westminster made the same decision regarding the London gay club “Heaven” which is also recommended by the Huntington MeWe monster.


Drunk and naked

During the Moscow Cherti Party, some nice lady got drunk and undressed completely. The woman was in a good mood, she decided that everything that prevents dancing should be taken off. Some gays were shocked because they didn’t want to see it. So, they dressed her and took her out.


Gays in English Premier League

According to Politicalite, one of the Premier League players may be involved in a serious scandal. According to the source, there is a video of a gay party filmed for Snapchat by one of the visitors. The name of the footballer who attended the event was not disclosed for legal reasons. It is only known that a player is a family man who brings up two children. It should be noted that the visitors also used cocaine. Did the footballer use it? The source does not specify it.

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